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Siletz’ goal is to provide assistance to companies that manufacture, use and/or import chemical substances in the European Union in understanding how best to meet regulators’ expectations, avoiding costly mistakes as well as loss of reputation and help them develop a sustainable business strategy.




  • Siletz' Value Proposition


Siletz’ management has 40 years of management experience in the chemical industry including 15 years in regulatory affairs, dealing with substances identified of high concern by regulators and implementing strategies aimed at communicating to stakeholders (politicians, customers, authorities, environmental NGOs, trade associations, the general public, etc.) the risks and the benefits posed by chemical substances to human health and/or the environment and the challenges that substitution would pose to society.


  • The Chemical Industry, European Institutions and the Member States Competent Authorities


The main European Union institutions are in Brussels which means that the focal point of community legislation is there. Brussels is also the hub of litterally thousands of individuals working in associations. Any outsider that feels targetted by EU Regulations or Directives obviously needs assistance to represent its interests effectively.


The European chemical industry is the world's top exporter and importer of chemicals. It plays an essential role in the economy of EU countries. For this reason, the newly introduced REACH legislation is expected to have a major impact. The primary goal of REACH is to identify chemicals of "very high concern" and to organize a process of substitution to less hazardous chemicals either directly or by replacement of functionally equivalent technologies.


Contrary to certain legislations in other parts of the world, and despite the availability of much guidance, REACH does not prescribe in detail what must be done to be in compliance: authorities and experts from 27 European member states are still working together writing guidance to achieve the legislation’s aims while avoiding possible future legal challenges. A high level of uncertainty is created as a result.


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